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I. Listening Comprehension (20%)

Part A   Short Conversations

Directions: In part A, you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. The conversation and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a conversation and the question about it, read the four possible answers on your paper, and decide which one is the best answer to the question you have heard.


1. A. Very small. B. Not as big as the old one.

  C. Much bigger than the old one . D. Much smaller than the older one.

2. A. The weather is nice. B. It’s quite warm today

  C. There will be a heavy storm. D. It’s going to snow.

3. A. He acts rudely. B. He ignores Mary.

  C. He likes Mary. D. He dislikes Mary.

4. A. Wife and husband. B. Shop assistant and customer.

  C. Waitress and customers. D. Secretary and boss.

5. A. He goes to college. B. He works for his father.

  C. He takes another rest. D. He chooses another school.

6. A. Bill doesn’t waste his money. B. Bill is too careful about money.

  C. Bill is very rich. D. Bill doesn’t have much money.

7. A. Shopping. B. Traveling.

  C. An appointment. D. Her brother.

8. A. She is going to Sydney. B. She has traveled all over the world.

  C. She likes postcard. D. She is on vacation.

9. A. The man wants his daughter to be a lawyer.

  B. The man is pleased to be a lawyer.

  C. The man doesn’t want his daughter to be a lawyer.

  D. The man wants to be a lawyer.

10. A. He wrote it last semester.

   B. He will finish it in a few minutes.

   C. He never does assignments early.

   D. He isn’t going to write it.


Part B   Passages

Directions: In Part B, you will hear two short passages, and you will be asked three questions on each of the passages. The passages will be read twice, but the questions will be spoken only once. When you hear a question, read the four possible answers on your paper and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard.


Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage.

11. A. Because actors and actresses refused to play the last act.

   B. Because a fire broke out in the building.

   C. Because a robbery would happen soon.

   D. Because something explosive was discovered in the building.

12. A. To leave them where they were. B. To hold them firmly.

   C. To give any help necessary. D. To tell the attendants to help them out

13. A. At a supermarket. B. In a theater.

   C. At an airport. D. In a bank.


Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following news.

14. A. The full price. B. A third of its price.

   C. The half price. D. Two thirds of its price,

15. A. In the suburbs. B. In rush hours.

   C. In crowded cities. D. In the evening.

16. A. You can do nothing to them in USA. B. You can accuse the taxi driver later.

   C. You can refuse to pay the money. D. You can make a complain to others.


Part C   Longer Conversation

Directions: In Part C, you will hear one longer conversation. The conversation will be read twice. After you hear the conversation, you are required to fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard. Write your answers on your answer sheet.

Blanks 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation

Doctors Name:             (17) Mr__________

Reason for examination:      (18) Cannot see things __________

Patients Name:             (19) __________ Whit

Appointed Time:            (20) At __________ Wednesday morning

Complete the form. Write ONE WORD for each answer.



II. Grammar and Vocabulary (20%) 从答题卡21题开始填涂

Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.

21. John is the only one of the students in the class that never______ a mistake even      when it is pointed to him.

A. admit making B. admits making C. admit to make  D. admits to make

22. The man, ______ father used to run a big farm, often calls up his childhood life in the small village.

   A. which B. whose C. that  D. who

23. She didn’t mind ________ all her spare time to ________ the sick old woman.

A. to give/help  B. to give/helping C. giving/help D. giving/helping

24. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chatted with each child suffering from aids, listening to them and ____   them to face their difficulties bravely and be confident.

A. encouraged      B. to encourage     C. encouraging   D. encourages

25. He always _____ his support to the poor _____ his duty.

   Which is wrong?

   A. think/as B. regard/as C. consider/as D. look on/as

26. They all felt sleepy because they found the lecture hard ______.

   A. to be understood   B. for understanding

   C. to understand D. to have been understood

27. The National Stadium, or the Bird’s Nest, which is in significant progress, _______ to seat over 90,000 audiences.

   A. designs        B. will design    C. designed         D. is designed

28. They took a taxi to Pudong Airport _______ Flight MU565 to Sydney.  

   A. not missing B. so as not to miss C. only to not miss D. just to miss

29. A library with five thousand books ________ to the nation as a gift.

A. is offered B. has offered C. are offered D. have offered

30  It is no good _______ with him over such a small thing.

A. arguing B. to argue C. to arguing D. argue

31.It’s _____ to be invited to speak at this important meeting.

   A. a great honor B. honored C. our honors D. honor of me

32. The house which is distant from your working place is not _____.

   A. worth to buy B. worthy buying

   C. worth of the money D. worthy to be bought

33. Three tough guys _____ a millionaire’s son and forces the boy _____ a dark room

A. caught/to go B. captured/into

C. kidnapped/into D. kidnapped to enter into

34. Mozart, being able to compose music in his boyhood, had a gift _____ music.

   A. in B. for C. on D. at

35. He used so many long and complex sentences that I _____ of his article.

   A. make sense B. make a sense C. make senses D. make the sense of

36. Is there anything that requires _________ further.

A. to improve   B. to be improved   C. be improving  D. being improved

37. His curiosity _____ the plants and animals le him to _____ a biologist.

   A. for/be B. of/becoming

   C. about/becoming D. on/getting

38. Einstein took his seat in the audience, _____ to Hans _____ his lecture and

   applauded at the end.

   A. listened/give B. listening/giving

   C. listened/giving D. listening/give

39.Every citizen is required to have a _____ of duty to help those who are in trouble.

   A. mind B. sense C. idea D. thinking

40. The machine _____ photos is easy to operate.

   A. used to printing B. is used to print

   C. is used to print D. used to print



III. Cloze (10%)

Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context.

Some people think they have an answer to the problems of automobiles crowding and pollution in large cities. Their answer is the bicycle.

In a great __41__ cities, hundreds of people ride bicycles to work every day. In New York, some bike riders have even __42__ a group called Bike for a Better City, they __43__ that if more people rode bikes to work, there would be fewer cars in the downtown and therefore less dirty air from car engines.

For several years this group has been trying to ___44_ the city government to help bike riders. For example, they want the city to paint special lanes-for bicycles __45__-on some of the main streets, because when bicycle riders must use the same lanes as cars, there may be __46__. Bike for a Better City feels that if there were special lanes, more people would use bicycles.

But no bike lanes have been painted yet. Not everyone thinks it is a good idea. Taxi drivers don’t like the idea-they say it will __47__ traffic. Some store owners on the main streets don’t like this idea-they say that if there is less traffic, they will have less business. And most people live too far from downtown to travel by bike.

They city government hasn’t yet decided what to do. It wants to keep everyone happy. On weekends, Central Park is closed to cars and the roads may be used by bikes only. But Bike for a Better City says that this is not __48__ and __49__ fighting to get bicycle lanes downtown. If that happens, the safest place to bike may be in the __50__.


41.A. number

B. many

C. lot

D. few

42.A. formed

B. set

C. built

D. met

43.A. claim

B. tell

C. announce

D. complain

44.A. let

B. get

C. have

D. find

45.A. riders

B. use

C. only

D. riding

46.A. policemen

B. quarrel

C. accidents

D. possibility

47.A. control

B. regulate

C. stop

D. slow

48.A. interesting

B. enough

C. satisfied

D. well

49.A. insists

B. sticks

C. keeps

D. determines

50.A. downtown

B. park

C. street

D. space



IV. Reading Comprehension (15%)

Directions: Read the following passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read.



There are many famous museums throughout the world where people can enjoy art. Washington, D.C. has the National Gallery of Art; Paris has the Luvre; London, the British Museum. Florida International University (FIU) in Miami also shows art for people to see. And it does so without a building, or even a wall for its drawings and paintings.

FIU has opened what it says is the first computer art museum in the United States. You don’t have to visit the University to see the art. You just need a computer linked to a telephone. You can call the telephone number of a university computer and connect your own computer to it. All of the art is stored in the school computer. It is computer art, produced electronically by artists on their own computers. In only a few minutes, your computer can receive and copy all the pictures and drawings.

Robert Shostak is director of the new computer museum. He says he started the museum because computer artists had no place to show their works.

A computer artist can only record his pictures electronically and send the records, or floppy discs, to others to see on their computers. He can also put his pictures on paper. But to print good pictures on paper, the computer artist needs an expensive laser printer.

Robert Shostak says the electronic museum is mostly for art or computer students at schools and universities. Many of the pictures in the museum are made by students. Mr. Shostak said the FIU museum will make computer art more fun for computer artists because more people can see it. He says artists enjoy their work much more if they have an audience. And the great number of home computers in America could mean a huge audience for the electronic museum.


51. The main purpose of this passage is to give information about __________.

A. museums throughout the world   

B. an electronic art museum in Miami, U.S.A

C. art exhibitions in Florida International University

D. latest development of computer art

52. To see the art in FIU museum, people need __________.

A. floppy discs                 

B. a computer and a printer

C. pictures and drawings on paper

D. a computer connected to the museum by telephone line

53. The FIU museum was started when __________.

A. Robert Shostak wanted to do something for computer scientists

B. art students4 needed a place to show their works

C. Robert Shostak wanted to help computer artists

D. computer scientists wanted to do something about art

54. “An audience” in the last paragraph refers to __________.

A. computer owners B. art students

C. those who will enjoy art D. computer artists








Help Wanted:  Male-Female

Production Workers

What Do You Need to Apply?

        Recent or July high school graduation

        Good physical condition and at least 18 years of age

Whats So Good About Our Work?

        Fast growing electronics company.

        No experience needed.  Training and advancement for those energetic and willing to work

        $5.00 per hour to start.  Periodic pay raises.

        Fringe benefits(福利), such as company-paid life insurance and medical and pension(养老金) plans.

        Vacation with pay.

        No layoffs(解雇).

                                                      Apply in person to

                                            New York State Employment Service

                                            Age 18-22:  65 Main StreetMr. James

                                       Age 22 and over: 200 Central Ave.Mr. Brown


                                        AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER


55. If you were to go to work for this company, you could expect to ______________.

   A. move up to a better pay if your work was good

   B. be out of work at certain times of the year

  C. pay your own hospital and doctor bills

  D. work on Sundays and holidays

56. According to the advertisement, a person who wants one of these jobs should____________________________________.

  A. telephone Mr. James or Mr. Brown

  B. write a letter to the Employment Service

  C. visit one of the offices listed in the advertisement

  D. telephone the company offering the job

57. The jobs being offered probably require __________________.

  A. precious training in higher mathematics

  B. a knowledge of office practices

  C. experiences in electronics

  D. no special skills



The majority of astronauts from America have been men. At the start of the space programme there was strong resistance from some people against having women in space. However, some women were very keen to become astronauts and in the end they were successful. In 1978, NASA began the first training programme for women astronauts.

Judy Resnick and Christa McAuliffe were both astronauts and they were both women, but in many other ways they were very different. Both of them were on Flight STS-5L-L. Judy Resnick was born in 1949 and studied engineering at university and went on to obtain a PhD in 1977. She was a member of the first group of women selected for astronaut training in 1978, and in 1984, she became the second woman in space. During that flight, she helped to launch three new satellites and she carried out a programme of research. She was, in many ways, a professional astronaut whose whole life was devoted to space travel.

Christa McAuliffe was born in 1948 and she was an astronaut almost by accident. In 1984, NASA decided to find a teacher who could accompany astronauts into space. They hoped that she would be able to communicate with students from space and encourage every one of them to be interested in space travel. Christa was a secondary teacher in history and social studies. She was a gifted teacher and she was selected from over 11,000 applicants to go on flight STS-51-L. She was also a very good communicator and she immediately established a very good relationship with the news media(radio, television and newspapers). It was partly because of this that there was a great deal of interest and excitement about the flight. Thousands of students in schools and universities all around the country were looking forward to communicating with Christa in space. Millions of people were watching her flight with great interest. It is partly because of the excitement over McAuliffe's place in the flight that the disaster in 1986 had such an effect on people.


58.We can learn from the first two paragraphs that ___________.

A. Judy was against the idea of having women in space at first

B. Judy was the first woman selected for astronaut training

C. Judy helped to launch three new satellites at the age of 35

D. Judy carried out a programme during her second space travel

59.Christa McAuliffe was chosen for training because _______.

A. she was popular with the news media

B. she expected to give history lessons in space

C. she was an excellent teacher and communicator

D. she made the students in space very excited

50.The reason why there was great interest in Flight STS-51-L is that ________.

A. both Christa and Judy got PhD degrees in the same year

B. a young secondary school teacher was on the flight

C. students were going to learn more about space travel

D. it was the first time for women to travel in space

61.What would be the best title for the passage?

A. Two Astronauts   B. Flight STS-51-L

C. Travelling in Space   D. The Training Programme




City traffic is a great problem. More cars are produced every year and the streets are getting more and more crowded. So during “rush hour”, when people are going to or from their work, traffic is brought to a standstill. It has been suggested that commuters should share their cars and give each other lifts. So each car would carry four or five people instead of only one. It is an excellent idea, however, so far nobody has been able to think of a way to compel people to do so.

To discourage motorists from leaving their cars in the streets all day, parking meters(计量仪器)are used. When you park at a meter, you must put a coin in the slot. This pays for a certain amount of time. The meter records this and it shows when the time that you have paid for is finished. If the car is still there then, you have to pay a fine.

Traffic wardens look after the meters. They walk around the streets and check that every meter shows that money has been paid for the car parked there. If a meter registers “Time expired”(时间已到), the motorist who has left his car there is fined. Of course, the traffic warden cannot wait for the owner of the car to return. He carries a block of printed forms, and on one of these he writes down all the details, such as the registration number of the car, where it is parked, how much the driver must pay and where he must send the money. He leaves this form on the car where the driver will be able to see it easily; he usually pushes it under one of the windscreen wipers so that it will not blow away. And in case it rains before the motorist returns, the form is put in a little plastic envelope to protect it. When the driver comes back, he gets an unpleasant surprise, but it is his own fault for leaving his car too long at a parking meter.

62. The underlined word “standstill” means _____.

A. rush   B. stop

C. adventure D. struggle

63. Which detail is not written on the printed form?

A. Registration number of the car. B. The place where the car is parked.

C. The name of the car owner. D. The place to pay the fine.

64. Which is not true about the parking meters?

A. People can put coins into it.

B. It keeps a record of the time when drivers park their car.

C. It shows people when they have to drive away the cars.

D. It warns the drivers ten minutes before the time limit.

65. What’s the advantage of using parking meters in the streets?

A. It makes it possible that everyone has a place to park his car.

B. It discourages motorists from parking cars for too long a time.

C. It saves labor because traffic wardens are no longer needed.

D. It keeps a record of time and drivers can put the parking fine into it



I. Directions: Filling the blanks with the proper words form the box. Write your answers on your answer sheet. (7%)

 is ready ,is forced to, cried with joy, the source of , in trouble  adapt , in honor of . surrounded by



1. The director who had just won the award of Golden Bear in the Berlin International   Film Festival _____ when he made a speech to thank everybody present at the ceremony.

2. Work hard, or you will be _____ at the end of this term.

3. When a foreign student learns English in an English-speaking country, he needs a short time to _____ himself to the local customs and culture.

4. The newly-built estate is well located, _____ trees and flowers.

5. A banquet will be held tonight _____ the coming president of the company.

6. At the end of the essay, the writer write down _____ the data he referred to in his writing.

7. Professor William is open and _____accept any suggestions on his teaching methods


II. Directions: Filling the blanks with the words given below. Write the LETTER on the answer sheet. (6%)



B. acceptance

C. shared

D universal

E. Perfectly

F. talented

G. celebrate



Happy 80th Birthday, Oscar!

Lights! Camera! Honor

Finally! The Oscars ceremony was held on Fe foreign stuabruary 24, with writers back at work and film stars showing up on the red carpet. In order to ___1___ Oscar’s 80th birthday, the award show highlighted a few clips of previous Academy Awards ceremonies. The Oscars paid homage to great artists by showing all the previous 79 Best Pictures and lots of winning actors and actresses.

And the Oscar goes to… Europe

___2___, four European artists ___3___ top honors at the Oscars, beating many Hollywood big stars this year. It is the first time since 1964 that all four top acting awards went to artists outside the US. It shows that not all the best movies and filmmakers come from Hollywood, and that film-making has become a ___4___ art.

It wasn’t just foreign-language ___5___ speeches that set many of the evening’s winners apart. The big winners all have distinctive creativity. Though quite a few of the victors were not well known enough, almost all of them are ___6___ in making good movies.


III. Directions: Filling the blanks with the verbs given below. (7%)

1. The unemployment rate in this district _____ from 6% to 5% in the past two years.(fall)

2. All the staff in our company are considering _____to the city centre for the fashion show.(go)

3. ______ his spoken English, he takes the advantage of his foreign friends and communicate with them as often as possible.(improve)

4. With the price of pork and eggs _____ quickly, CPI has become a hot phrase among Chinese.(climb)

5. Deciding our plan for next week is no easy job as situation ______ all the    time.(changing)

6. 5 million dollars in the city bank is said _____ last night.(steal)

7. I once heard the story _____ in French by the professor.(tell)


IV. Directions: Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the brackets. (15%)


1. 这部有关战争的影片非常值得一看。 (worth)


2. 那部电影很乏味,大部分观众放映结束前就离开了影院。(so… that…)


3. 经过重新油漆和迁址,上海音乐厅重现了往日的风采.(bring… to life)


4. 由于名声鹊起,年轻的爱因斯坦接到许多不同大学的邀请,希望他去阐述他   的理论。(As)


5. 我要是当时能给你及时的建议就好了。(wish)




















41-45BAABC 46-50CDBCC

51-54. B D C A  55-57ACD  58-61.C  C  B  A 62-65 BC D B

I. 1. cried with joy 2. in trouble 3. adapt 4. surrounded by  5. in honor of 6. the source of 7. is ready

II. 1. celebrate 2. Interestingly  3.shared  4. universal  5. acceptance  6. talented

III. 1. has fallen  2. going  3. To improve  4. climbing  5. is changing  6. to have been stolen  7. told


1. The film about the war is worth seeing.

2That film was so boring that most audience left the theater before the end of it.

3. With the new paint and a new location, the charm of the concert hall was brought to life.

4. As a young man with a growing reputation, Einstein received many invitations to explain his theories at different universities

5. I wish I had given you timely suggestion then