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二:Multiple choice

21.—Shall I give you a ride as you live so far away?

—Thank you. _________.

A.It couldn’t be better B.Of course you can

C.If you like D.It’s up to you

22.—Tom is never late for work. Why is be absent today?

—Something ________ to him.

A.must happen B.should have happened

C.could have happened D.must have happened

23.—Hello, Mr. Smith. This is Larry Jackson. I am afraid I won’t be able to arrive on time for the meeting in your office.

— __________. We’ll wait for you.

A.Harry up B.No doubt C.Cheer up D.That’s all right

24.Cars do cause us some health problems —in fact far more serious _______ than mobile phones do.

A.one B.ones C.it D.those

25.The schools themselves admit that not all children will be successful in the jobs ______ they are being trained.

A.in that B.for that C.in which D.for which

26.My friend Martin was very sick with a strange fever; _______, he could neither eat nor sleep.

A.as a result B.after all C.any way D.otherwise

27.If you grow up in ______ large family, you are more likely to develop ______ ability to get on well with ________ others.

A./; an; the B.a; the; / C.the; an; the D.a; the; the

28.Please tell me how the accident _______. I am still in the dark.

A.came by B.came upon C.came to D.came about

29.________ and no way to reduce her pain and suffering from the terrible disease, the patient sought her doctor’s help to end her life.

A.Having given up hope of cure B.With no hope for cure

C.There being hope for cure D.In the hope of cure

30.I think you’ll grow ________ him when you know him better.

A.liking B.to be like C.to like D.to be liking

31.The manager, _______ it clear to us that he didn’t agree with us, left the meeting room.

A.who has made B.having made C.made D.making

32.Your uncle seems to be a good driver;         , I wouldn’t dare to travel in his Car.

A.even so B.even though C.therefore D.so

33.The way he did it was different          we were used to.

A.in which B.in what C.from what D.from which

34.—Must I turn off the gas after cooking ?

    —Of course . You can never be          careful with that.

A.enough B.too C.so D.very

35.—Hurry up ! Alice and Sue are waiting for you at the school gate.

    —Oh ! I thought they          without me.

A.went B.are going C.have gone D.had gone

三: Cloze

In the summer vacation of 2007 , I was fixed with a job . I worked as a(n)     36    at Mr. Breen’s fruit shop .The fruit shop did     37    business . Most of the trade came from the housewives who lived in the neighbourhood ,    38     he also had regular customers who arrived outside the shop in cars . Mr Breen     39     them all by name and they sometimes even had their order already made up , always      40    me to carry it out to their car . They were clearly long-standing customers , and I     41    they must have stayed faithful to him    42      he had promised to sell good quality      43    . He had a way with them —I had to    44      that . He called every woman “madam” for a start ,    45     those who clearly were not, but when he     46    it , it did not sound like flattery (奉承). It just sounded      47    in an old-fashioned way . He was a great chatter      48    . If he did not know them , he would greet them with a few     49     about the weather ,     50    he did , he would ask about their families or make     51     , always cutting his cloth     52     his customers . Whatever their bills came to , he      53    gave them back the few odd pence (零钱), and I am sure they thought he was very generous (慷慨). But I thought he was the opposite . He never     54     anything away . He was always looking for      55    for nothing .

36.A.operator B.assistant C.waiter D.secretary

37.A.good B.poor C.big D.usual

38.A.so B.when C.therefore D.but

39.A.sold B.knew C.gave D.sent

40.A.making B.letting C.getting D.keeping

41.A.wish B.insist C.declare D.suppose

42.A.when B.if C.because D.though

43.A.food B.fruit C.vegetables D.drink

44.A.admit B.expect C.announce D.promise

45.A.yet B.only C.just D.even

46.A.told B.said C.spoke D.talked

47.A.serious B.strange C.polite D.familiar

48.A.as well B.as usual C.either D.also

49.A.sayings B.questions C.words D.speeches

50.A.and then B.and so C.even if D.but if

51.A.preparations B.jokes C.repairs D.friends

52.A.according to B.due to C.instead of D.up to

53.A.never B.ever C.seldom D.always

54.A.took B.moved C.threw D.turned .

55.A.something   B.anything     C.somebody   D.anybody

四:Reading comprehension



I really love my job because I enjoy working with small children and like the challenges and awards from the job. I also think my work is important. There was a time when I thought I would never have that sort of career(职业).

I wasn’t an excellent student because I didn’t do much schoolwork. In my final term I started thinking what I might do and found I didn’t have much to offer. I just accepted that I wasn’t the type to have a career.

I then found myself a job, looking after two little girls. It wasn’t too bad at first. But the problems began when I agreed to live in, so that I would be there if my boss had to go out for business in the evening. We agreed that if I had to work extra hours one week, she’d give me time off the next. But unfortunately, it didn’t often work out. I was getting extremely tired and fed up, because I had too many late nights and early mornings with the children.

One Sunday, I was in the park with the children, and met Megan who used to go to school with me. I told her about my situation. She suggested that I should do a course and get a qualification(资格证书)if I wanted to work with children. I didn’t think I would be accepted because I didn’t take many exams in school. She persuaded me to phone the local college and they were really helpful. My experience counted for a lot and I got on a part-time course. I had to leave my job with the family, and got work helping out at a kindergarten.

Now I’ve got a full-time job there. I shall always be thankful to Megan. I wish I had known earlier that you could have a career, even if you aren’t top of the class at school.

56. When staying with the two girls’ family, the author ________.

A. was paid for extra work

B. often worked long hours

C. got much help from her boss

D. took a day off every other week

57. Why did the author leave her first job?

A. She found a full-time job.

B. She was fed up with children.

C. She decided to attend a part-time course.

D. She needed a rest after working extra hours.

58. What has the author learned from her own experiences?

A. Less successful students can still have a career.

B. Qualifications are necessary for a career.

C. Hard work makes an excellent student.

D. One must choose the job she like.



Good tool design is important in the prevention of overuse injuries. Well-designed tools and equipment will require less force to operate them and prevent awkward(别扭的)hand positions. They will allow the worker to keep the elbows(肘)next to the body to prevent damage to the shoulder and arm.

Overuse injuries can therefore be prevented or reduced if the employer provides, and workers use:

●power tools rather than having to use muscle(肌肉)power

●tools with specially designed handles that allow the wrist(手腕)to keep straight (See figure 1). This means that hands and wrists are kept in the same position as they would be if they were hanging relaxed at a person’s side


Figure1. Bend the tool, not the wrist

●tools with handles that can be held comfortably by the whole hand. This means having a selection of sizes—remember that tools that provide a comfortable firm Hold for a person with a very large hand may be of no use for someone with a very small hand. This is a particularly important consideration for women who may use tools originally designed for men.

●tools that do not press fingers (or flesh) between the handles, and whose handles do not have sharp edges or a small surface area.


59. What is the best title for the passage?

A. Good tool Design for Women

B. Importance of Good Tool Design

C. Tool Design and Prevention of Injuries

D. Overuse of Tools and Worker Protection

60. Which of the following describes a well-designed tool?

A. It’s kept close to the body.

B. It fully uses muscle power.

C. It makes users feel relaxed.

D. It’s operated with more force.

61. What is Figure 1 used to show?

A. The effective use of the tool.

B. The way of operating the tool.

C. The proper design of the handle.

D. The purpose of bending the wrist.

62. In choosing tools for women, _____of the handle is the most important.

A. the size

B. the edge

C. the shape

D. the position





63. What does Passage①tell us about the boy?

A. He was injured in the head when he was 14.

B. He has waited for the payout for a long time.

C. He has lived in the same place since the accident.

D. He was run over by a taxi when riding on the pavement.

64. What can we learn about Lee and Collier counties from Passage②?

A. They both became safe places.

B. They won the same place in a race.

C. They had the same number of accidents.

D. They joined hands in reducing accidents.

65. Which passage would give more information on the prevention of road accidents?

A. ①    B. ②    C. ③    D. ④


五:Task reading

Many people think a telephone is a necessity. But I think it is a harmful and a time waste. Very often you find it impossible to escape from it. If you have a telephone in your own house, you will admit that it tends to ring when you least want it to ring; when you are asleep or in the middle of a meal or a conversation, or when you are just going out ,or when you are in your bath. Are you strong-minded enough to ignore it? You are not. You think there may be some important news or message for you. I can assure you that if a message is really important it will reach you sooner or later. Have you never rushed dripping from the bath, or chewing from the table, or dazed from the bed ,only to be told that you are a wrong number?

But you will say ,you need not have your name printed in the telephone directory, and you can have a telephone which is only usable for outgoing calls. Besides, you will say, isn’t it important to have a telephone in case of sudden emergency-illness, accident, or fire? Of course, you are right, but here in a thickly populated country like England one is seldom far from a telephone in case of dreadful necessity.

I think perhaps I had better try to justify myself by trying to prove that what I like is good. I admit that in different circumstances- if I were a wealthy and powerful businessperson, for instance, or badly ill and had to lie in bed. I might find a telephone a necessity. But then if I were a taxi-driver I should find a car a necessity. Let me put it another way: there are two things for which the English seem to show particular talent: one is mechanical invention, the other literature. My own business happens to be with the use of words but I see I must now stop using them. For I have had just been handed a slip of paper to say that somebody is waiting to speak to me on the telephone. I think I had better answer it. After all, one never knows, it may be something important.


Title: The (66) __________

Different opinions about it

Many people: It is (67) __________ when one wants to make a call,

especially in time of (68) __________.

The author: ·It can (69) __________ time and even be (70) _________.

          ·Not everyone, (71) __________ a businessperson or a sick person who has to stay in bed, needs it.

          ·I don’t need it because my job is (72) _________.

(73) __________ with it

·It always seems to ring when one is doing something else or doesn’t want it to ring.

·Almost (74) __________ can ignore it even if they want to.

·One (75) __________ to answer it only to find that he is misdialed.




1.S__________ something dangerous inside the house, he ran out of the house as quickly as he could.

2. Before the river flooded the area, people there d__________ their homes and ran up to the hills.

3.T__________ the exam, he sat there without writing a single word.

4. D__________the terrible food served, we found the plane ride nice and comfortable.

5. We must meet all the boy’s r__________, or he will play tricks on us.

6. The project is i__________ to help those who cannot support themselves.

7. Last week we visited the r__________ of the Yuan Ming Yuan Ruins Park.

8. It’s important to make people a__________ of the danger of smoking.

9. Ann will c__________ in the girl’s 100—metre race in the sports meeting.

10. Her recent success made us make another a__________.  
















I have recently surveyed my classmates about their views on the new English textbook.























五:1.Telephone    2.necessary/important     3.emergency/danger    4.waste  5.harmful      6.except       7.writing         8.Problems/Issues        9.nobody      10.hurries

六:1。Sensing  2. deserted.  3. Throughout  4. Despite  5. requirements

6.  intended 7. remains   8.aware        9.compete 10. attempt


 have recently surveyed my classmates about their views on the new English textbook.

According to the survey, 80% of the students were quite satisfied with it, while 15% disliked it and 5% had no opinion. Students who liked it said the pictures with the texts were very attractive, which greatly aroused their interests in learning. Moreover, the book was very interesting, covering many hot topics and providing lots of cultural knowledge of the world. However, students who disliked it complained there were too many new words and difficult sentences, making the texts difficult to understand. In conclusion, the new English textbook has helped most students improve their English enormously.

    Personally, I think the new English textbook is of great value to us students. For one thing, it reflects a new concept of the modern education system with Chinese characteristics. For another, it helps to develop students’ overall language